Value Added Services

Targeted investment, technology focus and sharing best practice to enhance your supply chain model and to allow additional flexibility for start-up growth and new project directions

B2C E-commerce fulfillment, value added marketing services, logistics outsourcing, supply chain consultancy and systems provision

Project investment to support fast growth curves (Ecommere B2C fulfillment)

Tailored solutions with long term strategic view

R&D investment in technology

Outsourcing project management teams

High degree of systems integration

Support with supply chain mapping

WMS provision configured for your individual requirements

Ecommerce B2C fulfillment

  • Solutions with high degree of scalability
  • Tailored to your customer requirements
  • High degree of picking accuracy
  • Joint development plans and phased expansion
  • Individual pricing plan

Marketing services


  • Automated lines and applicators
  • High degree of productivity
  • Focus on quality control
  • Agreed technical recipe for each promotion

Logistics outsourcing

  • Individual approach
  • Optimization of expenses
  • Full project management
  • Focus on quality and service level